Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre
is an asset wholly owned by the
Bingo Industries Limited Group

Air Monitoring

About Air Monitoring

As part of the construction of Patons Lane RRC potential air quality changes for the project precinct were assessed based on the proposed construction methodology and the expected volume of excavated material handled.

Dust is anticipated to be the main cause of changes in local air quality during project construction, particularly in areas close to dust generating activities such as work site and truck movements.

Dust or Particle Pollution (PM) is a combination of solid particles from random sources such as car combustions, factories and liquid droplets. Patons Lane currently monitors the particle size of 10 micrometers (um) PM10 in three categories:

  1. Real-time reading
  2. One-hour average
  3. Three hours average

Air quality is monitored because it’s the dust humans cannot see that potentially causes reactions such as; asthma, and eczema. Patons Lane RRC follows the strict guidelines of the ‘Ambient Air Quality National Environment Protection measures’.

NB: The maximum amount of dust allowed is 50 micrograms per cubic metre averaged over any 24hr period.

This data generates an instantaneous Particulate Matter (PM) level reading. Patons Lane RRC records a PM10mf level. (10mf is the size of the micron filter)

If the dust particles exceed 50mg (ug) per cubic meter, an alarm is triggered and our staff will immediately cease work.

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