Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre
is an asset wholly owned by the
Bingo Industries Limited Group

Committee members

The CLC membership comprises:

  • An independent chairperson
    • Peter Gordon
  • Representatives of the local community and other stakeholders
    • Ben Attard
    • Dirk Kurver
    • Mark George
    • Richard Battersby
    • Tony Maltese
    • Vince Azzopardi
  • One representative of Penrith Council
    • Michael Middleton
  • Company representatives including the personnel with direct managerial responsibility for environmental management at the RRC
    • David Taylor, Head of Project Development
    • Damian Ryan, General Manager Recycling
    • Mark Haines, Stakeholder & Continuous Improvement Manager
    • Diana Forrester, Community Liaison

The representatives of the company are part of the CLC. State Government agencies will not be represented on the membership of the committee. State Government agencies will, however, attend committee meetings as needed and at the request of the CLC.

Independent chairperson
The role of the chairperson is to be a convenor, facilitator, mediator and advisor for the CLC. They must undertake their role in an independent manner, and refrain from perceptions of bias either for or against the company or any individual or group of representatives on the committee.

The Director General of the Department of Planning appoints the chairperson, following such consultation as the Director General may consider appropriate. In selecting the chairperson, preference is given to a candidate who can manage and represent the concerns of a variety of interest groups.

Selection criteria are:

  • Ability to convene and manage stakeholder committees in an independent manner
  • Experience in community relations, facilitation, mediation or public advocacy
  • Understanding of the waste management industry and awareness of local issues.

The chairperson will report annually to the Director General on the operation of the CLC and will make this report publicly available. The Director General may review the appointment of the chairperson from time to time (e.g. every five years).

Community and other stakeholder representatives
The local community and other stakeholder representatives are also appointed by the Director General. Community representatives are selected to represent neighbours and the local community. Representatives may also be selected from environmental organisations or other affected or interested stakeholders. The opportunity to apply must be advertised in the local press and appropriate candidates may also be asked to attend an interview. Employees of the company are not eligible to be appointed as community representatives.

In selecting the community representatives, preference is given to candidates who can represent the concerns of a variety of interest groups.

Selection criteria are:

  • Willingness to contribute constructively
  • Experience and ability to provide feedback to the community and stakeholder groups
  • Current residence in the local area and/or awareness of local and other relevant issues.

The Director General may review the appointment of community and other stakeholder representatives from time to time (e.g. every five years).

Alternate representatives
A community member may nominate alternate community representatives. An alternate representative may substitute for a community member of the CLC when the member is unavailable to attend a meeting. Alternate representatives for company and council members may be appointed by their organisation and similarly may substitute for company and council members of the committee.

Company and council representatives
Company and council representatives are to be appointed to the committee by the company and the council respectively.

The committee may agree to any person acting as an observer to any meeting of the committee. Observers cannot participate in the business of the CLC unless invited to do so by the chairperson. State government agencies, for example, will attend committee meetings (on an as needed basis) at the request of the chairperson.

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