Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre
is an asset wholly owned by the
Bingo Industries Limited Group

Communication with the broader community

Committee members are encouraged to discuss issues and disseminate information about the facility with the wider community, including special interest groups. If appropriate, the chairperson of the committee may also give briefings to community organisations such as the Chamber of Commerce, environmental or heritage organisations or parents and citizens committees.

The committee may agree to release statements or other information to the media or to adopt other approaches to public dissemination of information. However, only the chairperson may speak publicly on behalf of the committee. Individual committee members may make comments to the media or in public forums on behalf of themselves or the stakeholders that they represent, but not on behalf of the committee.

There is a presumption that all documents and other information considered by the committee should be generally available to the community. However, any member may request that particular information (e.g. a declaration of a personal interest, or information which the company considers to be commercial-in-confidence) be kept confidential to the committee. In the absence of full consensus amongst the committee over whether such information should be kept confidential, the decision of the chairperson shall be final and be binding on all members.



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