Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre
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Noise Monitoring

About Noise Monitoring

The measurement and monitoring of noise from construction sites can be carried out using a range of different instruments depending upon the time over which the measurements need to be made.

Prior to the construction of the recycling facility, background noise monitoring was undertaken to verify the existing noise levels in the area.

Statistical Noise Levels (Ln) is one of the widely used criteria in environmental noise monitoring. Measurement levels can range anywhere between L1-99, however some levels are more commonly used. For example, measurements between L10-L50 would describe noise level traffic.

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). At Patons Lane noise is measured via a microphone plugged into a device, which reports on noise levels every 15 minutes. These decibel frequencies are then converted to Statistical Noise Levels (Ln).

Depending on the time of day (morning/midday/evening) noise levels can vary due existing background noise, environmental factors and movement on the site.

NB: Construction noise is only one component of noise measured at this location. Other sources, such as birds/insects, distant M4 traffic, and local traffic all contribute to the total noise level displayed here.

Leq – Energy average
Lmax – Lmax is the highest RMS sound pressure level within the measuring period.

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