Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre
is an asset wholly owned by the
Bingo Industries Limited Group

Our services and processes

Patons Lane RRC will not be accepting any household or putrescible waste.

Patons Lane Resource Recovery Centre (Patons Lane RRC) is an advanced waste facility being built in Western Sydney, committed to the innovative, efficient and sustainable recycling and recovery of resources from our waste streams. The site is owned by BINGO Industries Group (Bingo) – a leading waste management and recycling company with existing operations focused predominantly in New South Wales and Victoria.

Bingo provides end-to-end environmental and waste management solutions across the waste management supply chain. Bingo strives for continual innovation and development of technology, services and practices as part of our commitment to developing leading waste management and environmental solutions. Bingo continually transforms the waste industry, helping business and the community to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our aim is to recover and resell as much material as possible and to avoid, as much as possible, sending waste to landfill. Materials like paper, cardboard, flexible and hard plastics, and construction waste materials such as concrete brick and timber will all be recycled and re-purposed wherever possible.

Bingo achieves some of the highest percentage of recycling in the industry. Our processes and management systems are all certified and accredited to international best practice standards for Safety (AS4801), Quality (ISO 9000/9001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001).

Patons Lane RRC will accept commercial and industrial (C&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) waste types.

C&I waste is waste produced by institutions and businesses; includes waste from schools, offices, retail and wholesale businesses, and the manufacturing sector.

C&D waste refers to waste produced by demolition and building activities, including road and rail construction and maintenance and excavation of land associated with construction activities.

Both C&I and C&D waste streams present great opportunities for materials recovery.

For more information on the types of waste Patons Lane RRC will accept, including our commitment not to accept any putrescible waste, visit our FAQs.

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